Saturday Surfing, July 11, 2020


Saturday Surfing, July 11, 2020

Hiya and good morning. 🙂 Welcome to the weekend! I’ve got chores up the wazoo early on in the day today, starting with SO much laundry and cleaning, so a short and sweet check-in on this beautiful Saturday!

What are you up to?

  • Beauty brands are now creating makeup that’s easier to open and apply for people living with A.L.S., Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.
  • 9 of the best drugstore mascaras, according to makeup artists.
  • You’ve probably seen Nick Dudman’s work if you’ve watched Harry Potter or Carnival Row/ He’s a makeup effects designer (yes, that’s a real job!), and this is what a typical workday in his life is like.
  • Speaking of Harry Potter, Ulta just launch a Harry Potter makeup collection.
  • All of the foolproof tips and tricks to know if you’re going for a dewy base.
  • How Zoë Kravitz’s makeup artist organizes her makeup when she’s working with clients.
  • The pro’s guide to makeup and skin care when you’re wearing a mask.
  • Like an ice cream truck, but for fragrance — this shop on wheels sells perfume (at an appropriate social distance, of course) all over NYC.

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